Find God. Be a Friend. Make a Difference.

Lydia Harlander

Lydia is back! She is working as the Childcare Coordinator for Life Groups, Student Ministries, & Special Events. You will also see her volunteering in Children’s Ministry on Sundays. Lydia has been attending Believers Fellowship since she was two!

Who is one person (other than Jesus or your spouse) who has made a significant difference in your life? How?

Narrowing it down to one person is hard, so instead, I will pick a group, my siblings. My sister is my best friend and we do everything together, she has helped me see how easy it is to love others. The boys have taught me more about patience and how to forgive. And for sure, I would not be the person I am today without them.

Vacation at the beach or vacation in the mountains? Why?

Mountains all the way (in the summer). I love clear mountain lakes, dense forests and beautiful views. The night sky is spectacular up in the heights and I feel closer to God.