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Joshua Devotional

Joshua Devotional


This devotional combines the insights of Francis Schaeffer’s True Spirituality with the story of Joshua. In other words, we have taken key points from Schaeffer’s classic work and shown how they have played out in the life of Joshua. Our hope is that by working through this devotional in conjunction with the Sunday morning sermon series and the small group questions, you will be better able to find Jesus in the Book of Joshua.

The devotional is divided into eight weeks, each following a key story in the life of Joshua and combining it with a principle from True Spirituality. The connection may not always be obvious, but we tie everything together on the Saturday of each week. Each week follows the following format:

Monday: Introduction to the theme from Joshua

Tuesday–Thursday: Insights from Francis Schaeffer’s True Spirituality

Friday: New Testament example of Schaeffer’s idea

Saturday: Summary


The principles from True Spirituality are as follows:

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Week One: Covetousness Is the Opposite of Loving God and Loving Others

Week Two: Jesus’ Story of Rejection, Death, and Resurrection Is a Model for True Spirituality

Week Three: The Holy Spirit Opens Our Eyes to God’s Work around Us

Note: There are no Joshua devotionals for the week of May 4-9. Look for the Mother’s Day Devotionals on our Facebook page!

Week Four: Transformation Happens through Humbling Ourselves before the Creator

Week Five: Inner Transformation Is Personal, not Mechanical

Week Six: Transformation Happens through Active Passivity

Week Seven: God Is Faithful to Complete His Work in Us

Week Eight: True Spirituality Is Moment-to-Moment Awareness of God’s Work


While it is not required that you read True Spirituality along with this devotional, it is a great book and we encourage you to pick it up!