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Family Christmas Project

Family Christmas Project Coffee Oasis 

Family Christmas ProjectMany youths do not have the luxury of snuggling up by a warm fire, gathering with friends and family around a Christmas tree, or receiving gifts from loved ones. When a youth lives outside with no place to call home and no people to call family, they never feel more alone than when the winter storm comes. Winter is like a taunting bully, pounding on the brain, telling them to just give up, telling them that nobody wants them, that all the doors are shut and they have been left outside. For many of our youths, Thanksgiving and Christmas are two reminders every year that they have fallen through the cracks—they have been lost and forgotten. We all long for the experience of walking into a room and feeling wanted; it’s the feeling of finally being home. Together we can make this experience possible for hundreds of youths. We call it: Family Christmas Project. Each year, hundreds of homeless and at-risk youths come to Christmas parties held by The Coffee Oasis. They come to share dinner, sing Christmas songs, hear the Christmas story, and open gifts. They come for the same reason you would go home: to be with their family at Christmas.

While Family Christmas Project may look slightly different this year due to the ongoing pandemic, you can still help give youths hope and a home this Christmas. You can help provide homeless and at-risk youths with gifts and a place to call home this Christmas.

How Does it Work?

Youths participating in The Coffee Oasis youth programs fill out gift request forms. Then community partners like you “sponsor” youths so their gifts can be purchased. $50 can provide Christmas presents for one youth! Use the Believers Fellowship Give page or Church Center Give and choose “The Coffee Oasis” to give any amount to help sponsor a youth. You can also write a check with The Coffee Oasis in the memo line.

What is the Family Christmas Project?

It is a way to show tangible love to homeless and at-risk youths during the holidays! Youths participating in The Coffee Oasis youth programs fill out gift request slips. Then community partners like you “sponsor” youths so their gifts can be purchased. $50 provides gifts for one youth! If we receive donations above and beyond what is needed to provide presents for youths for Christmas, the funds go towards helping provide youths and young adults experiencing homelessness with resources such as shelter, supportive housing, case management, therapeutic counseling, and job preparation classes.

Family Christmas ProjectWhat will the Family Christmas Project look like in Pierce County this year?

Tacoma Youth Shelter residents and youths participating in our programs in Pierce County will receive Christmas gifts through the Family Christmas Project! We will also provide a special Christmas meal for youths staying in our shelter. You can provide meals for the Tacoma Youth Shelter residents and staff through the Resident Meal Program!

Note: Since The Coffee Oasis does not have a drop-in center in Pierce County, there won’t be a community Christmas party in Pierce County this year.

How are gifts bought?

The youths fill out individual gift request slips and then we shop for them. We are always amazed at the practicality of many of their requests. Most ask for shoes and clothes, others for gift cards. The majority of the asks are NEEDS not WANTS.

Does giving gifts encourage materialism?

The heart of gift giving is not materialism. Sure, it can be misconstrued that way, but it doesn’t have to be. Giving gifts is a way of communicating love. Receiving gifts tell “our” youths that they are remembered and loved this Christmas.

How can youths participate?

Youths and young adults (13-25 years old) participating in The Coffee Oasis programs in Kitsap County can fill out a gift request form at their local Drop-In Center by December 10, 2022.

COVID Precautions & Guidelines

The Coffee Oasis is committed to upholding the latest federal, state, and local guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.