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Worship through Teaching and Song

You worship. It’s true—everyone worships.  We can’t help ourselves; it’s in our DNA. Worship is giving yourself fully to something. In that sense, even the hardest atheist is a worshiper. Some people worship their bank statements. Some worship relationships. Some worship career, reputation, or beauty. Everybody worships.

But we were created for so much more than that.

We were created to worship Jesus, and we won’t be content until we do.

Worship Is Relationship

Worship is a very real relationship between you and the Creator of the universe.

Like all good relationships, healthy worship is not about “getting what you want,” it’s about giving yourself to God. Jesus offers love, mercy, and a fresh start to anyone who comes to him, and we respond with trust and obedience.

Worship Is Personal and Communal

Worship involves belonging to a faith community and showing kindness to all. While we can worship Jesus individually, something special happens when God’s people come together to worship Him. We were not created to be lone worshipers, but to join with others in praising our Savior.

Worship through the Word

Instruction from the Word is an act of worship. God is glorified as lives are changed by the Word and the Spirit. The goal of our preaching is worship through life-change. It is engaging, practical, and life-transforming.

Worship Style

A congregation’s worship style should come from within. Instead of imposing an alien style on a congregation, our Worship Director leads our artists in expressing their faith in ways meaningful to them and our community.

What works in Atlanta or Nashville doesn’t necessarily work in Gig Harbor.

We value diversity, and this is reflected in our music.  Whether it sounds like indie or classic rock, country, coffee house acoustic, or contemporary Christian, you can expect to sing your heart out, reflect, grow, and connect to the living God.