Find God. Be a Friend. Make a Difference.

Meet Us

Welcome to Believers Fellowship! Our mission is to glorify God by living and sharing the grace and truth of Jesus Christ, and we try to express that in every area of our ministry. If you join us on a Sunday morning, you might notice the following things about our church:

Generational Diversity

Are you a twenty-something looking for other young Christians on fire for God? Are you a parent, looking for a safe and fun place for your kids to grow in their faith? Are you a seasoned follower of Christ, full of wisdom to share with the younger generations? You will find these kinds of people and more here at Believers Fellowship. One of the unique things about our church is the generational diversity that makes up the congregation. Whatever your age or life situation, you’ll find a spiritual community of people just like you within our church.

Family Worship

We worship God together as a family. We believe that worship can be a powerful teaching moment, so we love to express our love for God in front of our kids. When the worship service starts, the entire congregation meets together for an interactive worship time of song, video, drama, and scripture reading. Halfway through the service, we take a short break for the children and students to head to their respective classrooms, while the adults stay for a time of teaching from the scriptures. (We also have a nursery to care for small children throughout the entire service.)

Biblical Teaching

Our teachers are committed to bringing exciting, relevant, and challenging messages straight from the word of God. Further, they balance verse-by-verse teaching with topical teaching based on the issues we face in life. We believe that people go to church because they want to hear from God, so our teachers go out of their way to explain how God’s word speaks to us, today. Visit our sermon audio page for downloadable sermon content and podcasts from Believers Fellowship.

God-centered Worship

Our worship services all have a worship theme. Each week, our worship leader shares something about God and his character. Then, that theme is fleshed out through music, video, Scripture reading, and drama. Our style balances the upbeat and contemporary with the classic and contemplative, but the focus is always on God.

Life Together

At Believers Fellowship, we live life together! Church is not just something that happens on Sunday morning— it is a body of people living for God together. We laugh together, we cry together, we worship together, and we grow together. While we would love to have you join us on Sunday mornings, we hope that you won’t stop there. We hope that you will get plugged into our community as we “do life” together.