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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces Introduction Class

Interested in learning what our Sacred Spaces series is all about? Excited to know more about how we can see God in our everyday lives? Have some questions as to how this will all work?

Join us for an introductory class on Sunday May 7th, at 12:30 p.m. in the student sanctuary.


Come explore the ways that we can become more aware of God at work in the world around us. In the study of the scripture, in the routines that order our lives, and in the everyday beauty of flowers in bloom, the presence of God is here.


We’ll cover the dates and times of future events in detail and answer any questions about logistics. We’ll discuss what role spiritual disciplines can have in our lives and we’ll examine how we structure our days. Finally, we’ll be discussing practices that give us space to be surprised by God in the everyday sacred spaces that we inhabit.

Childcare will be available as needed, so please sign up in the foyer so we know who to plan for!

For more information about the Sacred Spaces series and the other events we have planned, click here.


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