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Upper Room: Mid-Week

Come join us on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m. for a time of games, teaching, and small groups! We will teach on various topics this year, all coming straight from the word of God. It is our desire that this is a place where middle school students can come and interact with God, adults that care about them, and their peers!

Sunday School: Every Sunday during the 2nd Service teaching time

This is an opportunity for Middle School Students to connect with each other on a Sunday morning, and hear a message designed specifically for where they are as young teenagers! The 40 minutes are filled with creative teaching, break out groups, donuts, and the occasional ice-breaker! So come on upstairs when the kids are released during the 2nd service!

Special Events

A few times a year we plan an event that will rock your face off. The event may be intended to bring you closer to God. Sometimes the special event brings you closer to your friends. And sometimes the event brings you closer to your community while you serve those around you. These events sometimes cost money, and usually require a special consent form signed by parents. So if you are interested in coming to a special event you see on the calendar, it is a good idea to meet us at one of the regular weekly events first.

Upcoming Events

Middle School Family Mission Trip

At BFSM we talk a lot about the importance of family. We recognize that in order to grow as a family, you should have the opportunity to serve as a family. We also know that taking an entire week to do so is really challenging on the schedule. So we came up with a plan that will allow families to take a long weekend to get away, serve locally, be encouraged through worship and teaching and have some free time with other families.

The Middle School Family Mission Trip will focus on serving God locally (Tacoma to Seattle) to inspire your family to live a life of service year-round. This trip is designed to encourage families to serve together and get to experience teachable moments within serving together. Have you dreamed of getting your family involved in what God is doing in the Northwest? Maybe you didn’t know where to start or with whom to partner. This weekend mission trip could become a yearly tradition that springboards your family into action!

Make sure to attend the meetings this spring and summer to be a part of this amazing and life-changing trip!

Spring Meetings: April 30, May 21.
Summer Meetings: June 25, July 7.


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