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All Church BBQ

All Church BBQ

Men’s Ministry is holding an All Church BBQ for everyone at Believers Fellowship. This is our chance to feed you, to show off some skills on the grills, compete with one another for bragging rights, and to enjoy the sunshine for a little bit.

Let us cook, you just come hungry, and be prepared to judge the parade of tastes before you.

Join us on June 27th, after the 11:00 service.
(Seriously just walk out of church and start grazing.)

Click or tap here to register.

Now, a question for the gentlemen.

Do you grill corn on the cob like it was your day job?
Can you barbecue anything from a kangaroo to a caribou?
Is your pig roast the best on the west coast?
Is your grilled asparagus so good it will embarrass us?
You have the best grilled trout at any cookout?
Can your smoked meat skills pay the bills?
Is your portabello better than every other fellow?
Is your chicken breast the very best?
Can you make a veggie-dog taste better than an old log?

Sign up to be a grill master at the All Church BBQ and show off your skills. Contact Jeremiah Hinton for more details.


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