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Rachel Lingle

Rachel Lingle is serving as the Family Ministry Resident in 2019. She gets to work with both the middle school and high school youth groups. She also partners with families and is a part of the Family Friendly Life Groups.

Rachel was here this past summer as a Student Ministries Intern. She primarily worked with the high school group but she also had some great opportunities to get to know some of the middle school students. We are thrilled that she is back with us again!

If you had a day completely to yourself (and you weren’t allowed to do something responsible), what would you do?

Currently, if I had a day to myself I would spend the morning drinking some coffee and reading a good book. Then I would spend some time hiking, hopefully on a nice clear path. After that I would eat some yummy sushi and watch a movie.

Dog or cat? Why?

Dog 100%. They make such great companions. You can take them with you to so many places. I mean, they have “Dog Beaches”, not “Cat Beaches”. Also, my decision might have something to do with the fact that I am allergic to most cats.