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Matt B

Matt Bluhm

Matt is the Worship Resident at Believers Fellowship. He has been filling that role since 2018. Under the guidance of our Worship Director, Shawn Turek, Matt’s goal is to reach our church body through theologically sound songs and genuine service to his brothers and sisters in Christ. Matt also assists with the planning of service elements for Sunday mornings as well as special services such as Easter and Christmas.

Who is the greatest musician or band of all time? Why?

This is an easy one for me: Thrice. They started off in the late 1990’s and morphed into one of the most musically diverse bands in their genre. Many of their lyrics are biblically centered and other world philosophies that have helped shape my own music. I appreciate their stance to spread the Gospel truth through a different avenue that is not very traditional.

Dog or cat? Why?

I am a fan of both, but cats win! Many people have claimed that they don’t have personalities or they’re just evil, but when my own cat doesn’t like being near anyone else except me (smothering me with attention), then I have to say to the people that hold those beliefs, “It isn’t true!”