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Kate Turek

Kate has been at BF since 2017 when her husband, Shawn, was hired as the Creative Arts Director. She assisted with that ministry, mostly working with media and lighting. In the summer of 2021, Kate helped Children’s Ministry with special events and helped them prepare for the upcoming fall. Children’s Ministry was thrilled to re-hire her in February, 2022.

If you had a day completely to yourself (and you weren’t allowed to do something responsible), what would you do?

If I had a day completely to myself I would craft all day! I love projects and making things. Wood signs, vinyl decals, shirts, paper crafts, painting, DIY crafts, all of it! It is relaxing and rewarding for me and fills my cup!

Vacation at the beach or vacation in the mountains? Why?

I would definitely vacation at the beach! Specifically, a tropical beach! Everything about the beach calms and relaxes me. I love the feeling of walking on the sand, the sounds of the waves, the warm sun! It’s the best!