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Karen Simmonds

Karen Simmonds

Karen has been attending Believers Fellowship since 2009 and became the Sunday Morning Nursery Coordinator in 2020. Karen is privileged to oversee the Sunday morning nursery volunteers. She ensures that the Bunny and Bear Nurseries are a safe and nurturing environment for our precious little ones.

If you had a day completely to yourself (and you weren’t allowed to do something responsible), what would you do?

If I had a day to myself and I wasn’t allowed to do anything responsible, I would first sleep in and then get in a good workout. My afternoon would be spent relaxing watching either cooking or home improvement shows. To end my day, I’d enjoy a delicious Thai food dinner date with my husband.

Vacation at the beach or vacation in the mountains? Why?

Choosing between a beach or mountain vacation is tough, but ultimately I would choose mountains. I enjoy hiking and the physical challenge of reaching peaks and then savoring the breathtaking views and majesty of God’s creation.