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Johnathon Tews

Johnathon is one of the BFSM middle school interns this summer at Believers Fellowship. Through this role, he will be handling some teaching in youth groups and Sunday morning meetings, help support Jon and Johnny in their planning of ministry events including mission trips, and work with students throughout the summer by loving on them and helping them realize the great love that Jesus has for them.

While he will be serving at Believers Fellowship this summer, this is his first time in the greater Seattle area. He is new to Believers, and will only be here until August 1st. That is when he will go back to Chicago to start his senior year classes at Moody Bible Institute.

What is your favorite book (outside of the Bible)? Why?

My family often makes fun of me for this, and I guess that is okay, but I would have to go with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The story is hard to read, but I cannot put it down. Despite the pain in the story, the storyline is great. I love the way the book ends. Everything that Jay Gatsby fought for ended in a second. As a believer, it reminds me of the value of the Christian life and the emptiness of the world. Gatsby’s priorities were far from God’s and the way the story ends really reveals that.

UW or WSU? Why?

I spent a year of college in Spokane, this was Gardner Minshew’s last year playing for WSU. He was fun to watch, the environment was great when I traveled to games, and you cannot beat the mustache.