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Jim McCausland

Jim and his wife have attended Believers Fellowship since 2015. Within a year or two Jim noticed some weedy Irish ivy growing in the church’s greenbelt, and grubbed it out. Johnny Pearson found him on his knees pulling up roots, and told him that some of the staff were concerned about a strange man—Jim—crawling around in the woods outside the offices. From that moment, his fate as a groundskeeper was sealed.

If you had a day completely to yourself (and you weren’t allowed to do something responsible), what would you do?

Hike up the Skokomish River from Staircase on a fine spring day, photographing flowers, trees, breeding harlequin ducks, and the river along the way.

Vacation at the beach or vacation in the mountains? Why?

The beach, because if you choose well, you get both. Think Big Sur.