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Jeff Potucek

As a deacon, Jeff has the responsibility of overseeing the Lord’s Supper ministry. He coordinates the eight wonderful team members who perform a great job each Sunday. He and his wife, Linn have attended BF since the early 1980’s. They have four grown children & six young grandsons.

Now that he is retired, Jeff and Linn love vacationing wherever there is hot, dry weather. They like visiting places in Mexico, Hawaii, Palm Desert and their property on Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington. Sometimes it seems like they are never home but Jeff wonders why anyone wants to spend too much time in the rain anyway? However, Jeff feels that there is no better place to live than in our great Northwest.

Who is one person (other than Jesus or your spouse) who has made a significant difference in your life? How?

The person who has had the most influence in my life was my dad. From an early age he taught me to have a good work ethic, to respect others and to always offer a helping hand to those who were less fortunate than me. He was a very kind man to all who knew him.

UW or WSU? Why?

I graduated from WSU so without a doubt, it is the greatest college in the state of Washington.