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David Knepper

David serves as one of two BFSM high school summer interns who will serve the high school ministry through teaching, serving opportunities, and through serving the students to the best of his ability. David arrived at the end of May and is looking forward to spending his summer with the BFSM students.

If someone made a movie about your life, what would the title be and who would play you?

I think it would be called Sarcasm is the Answer. I would love for Jason Mamoa to play me. Why? My family has always been a bit feisty and sarcasm is how we show love so it only makes sense that it be a comedy highlighting that. There is no good reason why Jason Mamoa should play me, I just think he is such a cool guy and I think that would be a great movie.

Dog or cat?

Here’s the thing: both. Why? Well, I love both and used to have dogs and I would love a dog again at some point. But cats, man. Cats get it. They don’t have all that high energy and excitement that a dog has which is, honestly, great at times. But I think having both would balance everything out nicely.